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411 University St, Seattle, USA

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We are a business which is run by Highly Passionate and Professional individuals who have come together as a family to deliver a home suitable to every individual, which is a huge advantage to anyone looking to build a home of their own or an investment property. It is run by its founders and owners. We take immense pride in building homes that reflect the quality and attention to detail that is often lacking in mass produced homes, renovated and redevelopment builds. Our service is best suited to people who have built before and want a hands-on involvement in their project or someone who is a First Home buyer. We do not promote or offer any unrealistic prices just to generate an enquiry. Although we can provide an inclusions list, however we believe that one show cannot fit all and we let our clients tell us what they require in their new home or investment property and we include that in the pricing.

Our prices include complete home, with services connected to your new dwelling, P Class soil classification along with 2700h ceilings as standard dressed up with square sets to living area, armed with perimeter bulkhead to the entry hallway and above kitchen Island just to name few. 

Volume builders and many other similar builders tend to sell their ranges from their Display homes, where the customers are not given many options except the set styles and packages options to choose from.

We are here to build the homes which volume builders do not want to build or do not wish to build due to the degree of fall on the block or customisation and other custom builders charges way higher to build. 

We are large and capable enough to cater for all types of housing, whether it is your design or one of ours, whilst maintaining a very personal, direct yet highly professional relationship found with smaller to medium size companies. As you deal directly with the owners in our company from start to completion you face no complications in communication, and for building any project we truly believe that active listening and being there for our clients is as important as building your home for you.

While building a new home there is cost associated with getting your block prepared for the build, which is referred to as site costs. Thumb rule is that more difficult the block, incurs higher site cost. However at Homespace Builds we do Fixed Price Contracts which means Fixed site cost, the only time it varies is when you need more than included bored piers, but we try to make it as clear and upfront possible by getting the engineering of slab done prior to locking the pricing for blocks which have more than 5 meters of fall. During this whole process we keep our clients in loop and well informed. Along with fall we also cover unlimited Rock removal and timber sleeping retaining wall upto 1 meter just to give our client that sound sleep at night.

To answer this honestly, the pricing on each plans and styles shown in all other builders’ website are used as a starting point to give clients indication of how reasonable they are, this is to get them into the doors. However, we do not have a price list simply because we purely believe in giving Final price and not different versions of costing to get your business. 

In addition to that we specifically design beautiful custom homes for our every single client, taking into accounts each minor detail of their needs and respecting their budget limitations. By saying that, we can most definitely provide a price guides on all your desired plans upon request to our experienced sales & estimation team to assist you with a feasibility your site you want to purchase or a home you’d like to build or remodel.

We can definitely provide you a fixed price before you lock in a contract with us, but before that there are 4 things you need to understand which affect the cost of your build:

  1. The size
  2. The complexity of the design
  3. The nature of the inclusions. 
  4. The contour of your land(fall, fill & etc)
  5. Design Guidelines or any Special conditions on your land. 

Therefore, only after an initial meeting with us and once we have gone through all the required documentations and your wish list, a fixed price to construct your home is provided.

We build anywhere in Victoria, we got some projects nearing to completion in Thomastown, Mickleham, Wallan and some in progress at Bacchus Marsh, Truganina, Wyndham Vale, and recently complete and handed over beautiful French Riviera in Ballarat along with one warm minimalistic home in Manor Lakes for a young family as their second home. 

So, we are pretty much everywhere and doing all sorts of projects in and around Melbourne’s Northern, Western and South Eastern Suburbs. Get in touch today with us to discuss your location and project.

There are variety of styles you can choose to build your dream house from. 

Starting from Contemporary which is a minimalistic yet classy design reflecting today’s architecture to a more Heritage style lifestyle reflecting dwelling such as Victorian or Federation. However, many new estates now a days have strict guidelines which needs to be followed preventing from building period style homes. It is better to familiarise yourself with the controls for an estate prior to purchase to ensure what you like in a home can be built without any complications. As for us, we can build any style you would like us to build for you. 

We do offer you to visit our completed projects and once which are under construction.

At Homespace Builds we are very upbeat about building sustainable homes, so please bring your requirements and suggestions, we promise to hear you out and deliver it where possible with full conviction and in most cost-effective manner.  A home that looks good, feels good and has minimised the negative impact on the environment is a poem which we thrive to make reality for our clients.

As a matter of fact, wherever possible we do prefer using environmentally friendly concrete and plantation timber on our homes as our standard and is continually looking to partner with suppliers that share the same philosophy. We can offer advice and solutions in making your home greener without blowing your budget by building using Hebel technology.

A standard inclusion list is a listing that details what goes into a builders build price as an absolute minimum. This is generally used as a starting point for preliminary estimates and a good way of comparing what builders include in their prices. Please contact us to get our Standard inclusions via email or contact us form. In addition to that if you have your own design and want a quote, we recommend submitting the plan and your wish list through for us to work out the pricing for you.  We are even flexible for you to supply your own inclusions if any. 

YES! We are Custom builders!

Yes, Yes and Yes; whether it is dramatical steep or has got just a gentle slope we can design a house to suit the contour of your land which will help saving site cost. 

In fact, one of our Director is an expert at building on difficult blocks. Ask us to see examples of how we have done this for our clients.

The result of building on difficult blocks are stunning individual homes with versatile floor plans which is not possible on flat blocks.

We certainly do, considering the forever increasing land prices in Melbourne many estates now offer small blocks as more economical option. These blocks are usually very narrow and have a zero allotment on one side. We have got designs that range from 7.5 metres wide to 10.5meters wide frontage.

Yes, we offer full turnkey Builds however we do not provide landscaping and fencing as part of the build, but we do have partners who offer the services at a very decent price.

We are registered builder with Housing Industry Association (HIA) and we offer plain English housing contracts that comply with laws governing building a home in Victoria. We use an HIA fixed price contract for all our clients, and this works very well for all the parties involved.

Once a building permit has been issued, we will generally be on site within 4-8 weeks of contract signing. But please be mindful that there are third party and process are involved which are beyond our reach and control which may take more time, such as Developers approval or getting the Building permit itself. Our construction team will keep you in loop and posted during this process.

We finish the construction within the allocated build period by HIA.

By saying that we have finished many of our Single Storey homes under 30sqs within 14-16 weeks and houses which are 30sqs and over within 38 weeks.

Every Builder is legally obliged to provide each contract with a Home Warranty Insurance Certificate. This certificate is insurance on the building which provides structural protection for upto 7 years from the date a certificate of occupancy is issued. Further there is a 6-month maintenance period post-handover.

You can visit your site. An access is granted by appointment to you.

For any further questions or to talk to us about your ideal home, contact us here.